If you have any feedback or ideas for potential collaborations, you can reach me via email or social:

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Below are some testimonials from a few of the companies with whom I have previously collaborated:

Patron Cave à Manger

“Seetal is one of the best food bloggers I’ve met. Unlike certain bloggers looking for a free meal in exchange for a glowing review, Seetal genuinely writes about her likes and dislikes. Her written style and pictures always make my mouth water, and she truly is a lovely person. As a marketer, what I appreciate the most is that she maintains the relationship: long after her visit to Patron, she still posts about us on social. I can’t recommend her yummy blog and work ethic highly enough!”

Romain Renoux, Head of Marketing at Patron Cave à Manger.

Comte Cheese UK

“Seetal has attended many of our events for Comté Cheese and has been a pleasure to work with, sharing posts on social in the run up to, during and after the events, and writing thorough, thoughtful and engaging blog posts with beautiful photos. Our clients love her, and so do we!”

Megan Hallinan, Head of PR and Social at MBA.

Bad Brownie

“Collaborating with Seetal is great! She’s really passionate about food, full of ideas, and her blog content is great. We were really happy with the photography she did of our Bad Brownie Selection Box, and the copy is thoroughly informative. I personally appreciate that she sticks with brand relationships and continues to share and promote our products. She’s also very easy to communicate and discuss ideas with.”

Bridget Wynne Willson, Sales and Marketing Executive at Bad Brownie.

I look forward to hearing from you.