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As well as sharing restaurant reviews and Spotlight on Chefs interviews on SavlaFaire, I have also written features and contributed to various articles, podcasts and campaigns for numerous publications, content creators and companies on food and IVF. You can find links to these projects below.

Freelance Writing

Stylist Magazine

Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting IVF (byline)

Huffington Post

When You’re a Woman of Colour, Infertility Comes with Extra Stigma (byline)

Six Women on The Small Acts of Kindness Which Helped Them Through IVF (feature)

What It’s Like to Navigate IVF at Work (feature)

The Moment I Realised I Wanted Kids (feature)

Infertility Doesn’t Discriminate, So Why Are Women of Colour Suffering in Silence? (feature)


Netmums Voices: “Why It’s Time We Bust The Myth That IVF Is Just For Middle-class White People” (byline)


Why Infertility Can Be a Cultural Stigma (byline)

IVF Babble

Banishing the Extra Stigma Faced By Women of Colour Struggling With Infertility (feature)

Fertility Help Hub

Destigmatising IVF among the Indian Community (byline)


Hopeful dads going through IVF need support, too (by Neil Savla)

Conversations on Love Newsletter

Small Moments of Joy (feature)

Campaign Magazine

Should social media also ‘distance’ in the age of Covid-19? (byline)

TV Interviews

BBC London News

Coronavirus: The Impact of IVF delays on patients’ mental health


Coronavirus: Indefinite delays on fertility treatment

Press Interviews

BBC News

Coronavirus: “I’m scared that my dreams of becoming a mother are gone”

BBC 100 Women

Coronavirus: ‘I’m scared my dreams of becoming a mother are gone’


Heartbreak for Thousands as Coronavirus Halts IVF

The Guardian

“Time is Precious in IVF”: The Women Who Fear They Have Lost Their Chance To Have Children


Couples whose IVF has been on hold reveal their heartache

Eastern Eye

How to Cope with Fertility Treatment

Infano Care

A Journey Through Infertility and IVF


HuffPost: Am I Making You Uncomfortable?

Episode 10 on IVF, NHS access and addressing cultural stigmas

Big Fat Negative

Episode 3.13 on IVF and destigmatising infertility amoung South Asians

To Baby or Not To Baby?

The Future Mum: Part 1

The Future Mum: Part 2


Episode 10: Transatlantic (discussing food writing)

Cheftimony Snack: Put It In Writing (feature)


Magic FM: The F Word Special Show

BBC Woman’s Hour: Fertility Clinics and Covid-19 (12:23)

BBC Asian Network: Coronavirus & IVF (episode no longer available)

BBC Radio 5 Live: Up All Night (episode no longer available)

BBC Radio Leicester: Ben Jackson (episode no longer available)