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What is SavlaFaire about?
Eager to eat out in London, but feeling overwhelmed by the ever-increasing options? Worried about wasting your hard-earned cash on pretty-but-dull food? Then you have come to the right place. Launched in early 2016, I aim to give you an honest, unsponsored account of my dining experiences around our food-filled capital. In addition to London restaurant reviews and the occasional travel tales, SavlaFaire also brings you Spotlight on Chefs, a series of exclusive and entertaining interviews with the best British and international chefs.

How did SavlaFaire start?
Despite being raised on delicious homemade curries, I wasn’t really very interested in food. Things changed when I studied in Paris, continued to change when I moved to Montreal then morphed into an obsession when I arrived in London almost 12 years ago. I was dating my now-husband, whose adventurous spirit influenced me to try different cuisines (thankfully he’s also a keen cook, hence why I refer to him as “Chef Savla”). Frustrated at the lack of creativity in a previous job, he encouraged me to pour my words into an online diary.

What is SavlaFaire’s background?
If you are thinking, “Why should I trust you?” here are my credentials. Until early 2018, I was a Lifestyle Account Manager in the Private Membership team at a global concierge company, so I was the first to find out about new restaurants, pop-ups and collaborations. These days, I practically live online as an account manager for a small digital marketing agency, which represents, among others, independent restaurants and a bespoke kitchen designer.

Collaborate with SavlaFaire
That’s me in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to chatting about all things food and chefs with you. If you would like to work with me, you can get in touch via email or the usual social channels (see Contact Me for further details).


Disclaimer: I pay for all meals featured on SavlaFaire, unless otherwise stated. Invitations to review restaurants and attend events are welcome, but I will only accept them if I feel that they are of personal interest to both myself and my readers. Please note that my acceptance does not guarantee a positive review.

The famous tortilla at Bar Nestor, San Sebastián

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